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Company Vision

Company Mission

Company Values

Company Values is becoming increasingly important in these days of good corporate governance, but also for practical purposes are linked to the need to build strong corporate culture to improve overall company performance.

Our company values as a whole is as follows:

High service levels believes that “Service Means Business”.

Socio Economic Objectives

Profitability is essential in discharging socio-economic responsibility, as well as staying in business.
It is a measure of both efficiency and the value placed upon us by our customers.
It is the duty of management to prioritize and discharge responsibilities in areas that we value, such as:

Corporate Governance

The Board of Directors, collectively, determines major strategies and policies of the company. The Directors acknowledge that they are responsible for instituting internal control systems that should provide reasonable assurance regarding safeguarding assets, as well as the maintenance of proper accounting practice.

Driver Empowerment

We have initialized an in-house driver empowerment program whereby our drivers can purchase the vehicles they are assigned to, after completing a calculated amount of service to the company, whereby they will acquire the asset yet continue to service our clients through us.


Gardee Global CC Is 100% BEE owned, and we intend to raise our status by training women drivers, as well as empowering historically disadvantaged South Africans.
We are a level 3 contributor to B-BBEE

Health And Safety

Consistent with our commitment to contribute to sustainable development, we have a systematic approach to HSE Management in order to achieve continuous performance improvement.
We manage HSE matters like any other critical business activity.
Targets are set for improvement, measurement, appraisal and report performance.
Our mission has been to be a leader in specialized freight transportation, providing fast, efficient and friendly service that is second to none!
Our fleet is licensed for shipments throughout South Africa and Southern Africa.
We take very seriously the need to protect our customers and the public, and we carry coverage to do just that. With a half million Rands in cargo insurance, we are well insured in the event of loss and can be increased if desired or needed.


In compliance with Manufacturers specifications, all vehicles are serviced regularly with genuine original parts. Our in house workshop keeps records of all our vehicles scheduled maintenance and ensures pre and post checks are completed on every load. To complete our cross border portfolio, we have partnered with a number of key personal at key locations on all major routes where 24/7 call outs are available. In addition we have a 24 hour standby on call system should immediate assistance be required at any time.

Operations policy

Operations to date

Motion Liner Transport, a Company we have acquired, commenced operations in March 2009 out of Johannesburg with 5 truck tractor interlink combinations and 5 drivers. Coming from humble beginnings, our old depot in Ormonde had a capacity for 20 vehicles, which was then reduce to a third of this size making our operations, maintenance and systems difficult to control, as well as putting our company, employees and clients at risk, we were forced to look for a new home.

In January 2012 we acquired new premises, which enables us to handle a larger fleet and a more professional work environment. We also provide for warehousing, complete in house maintenance and our own diesel supply. This is a huge stepping stone as we can now operate over 100 vehicles.

Our operations supply transport and logistic solutions from South Africa into Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania, DRC and Kenya.

An HSSE system has been introduced to comply with legislation such as the OHS act and to ensure that our business is done in a responsible manner. Our Drivers are trained and fluent in English, Portuguese, French, and local Languages.


Gardee Global employs all relevant specific safety procedures as to the need demanded, and goes a step further if possible to secure the loads being transported and ensure the delivery takes place quickly and safely. We have a zero loss on loads and no hijackings since inception as to the carefully strategized systems that are in place.

Vehicles are allowed to operate only in day light hours to avoid collisions at night and park at protected, safe truck stops enroute to destination. Vehicles are tracked twice daily via satellite uplink and trips can be reviewed for up to 30 days.

All vehicles are equipped with Fire and Medical safety equipment as well as all other relevant safety equipment necessary for the on board load. Continued maintenance has become habit to ensure vehicles stay Road worthy.

Safety is further supported through insurance with access to RMS 24 hour emergency assist.

All vehicles are fully insured within all territorial limits, including all SADC regions and extended to include Mozambique, Zambia, Zaire, Tanzania, Angola and the DRC up to Lubumbashi.

GIT insurance is included if agreed to up to our current cover of R500, 000.00 based on our current clients requirements.

Incident Management

At Gardee Global, we make use of a comprehensive incident management report which covers detailed incident recording.

An assessment is made on each employee, vehicle, public, and Environmental factors that could be considered to avoid delays and more importantly foreseeable incidents. It is one of the primary responsibilities that we undertake to manage risk, safety and foreseeable incidents, by constantly updating our program as well implementing newer, better systems. We are also linked with “One Truck Assist” for comprehensive incident management.

Vehicle Tracking and Recovery

All Vehicles are equipped with two Tracking and recovery units, a recovery system in case of theft and Hijack, and a Fleet Management System. Company personnel are automatically notified if vehicles deviate off – route or if the main batteries are disconnected.

Recovery and maintenance has proved to be a difficult hurdle in long distance transport, especially for Pneumatic, Mechanical or Electrical “Break Downs”, we have communicated with a host of foreign transport companies in the Capital cities of the countries we operate in to do unscheduled Maintenance for us in their respective territories, and we service them in South Africa.

Drivers are trained continuously to adapt themselves to be able to overcome maintenance problems en-route and are equipped with tools and guidelines to follow incase of emergency breakdowns. It is for this specific reason we maintain a 1 driver, 1 truck policy.

Future Goals

Gardee Global is setting itself up to be a major player in the transport sector within RSA, the SADC regions and our Territorial Limits.

Access to an internet based online tracking facility for our clients for online live client to driver interaction via installation of headsets and cameras in each vehicle Forming a partnership with an owner managed transport business means that the business is managed with “ownership as its way of doing business”.

Training all drivers to speak home Languages to the destination cities they Deliver to. To be able to render a full transport solution to all Commercial, Private and Government clients for their passenger and cargo needs, via Land, Sea and Air.


Thank you for giving us the opportunity to present our company portfolio to you and Thank you for taking the time to go through it.

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